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People (crackers/hackers) who enjoy stealing crypto wallent and breaking their passwords. We offer some wallets for sale. The whole sale is completely anonymous. We do not store any information. All data needed to process your order is kept in servers RAM. All our hard disks are 100% crypted.

Financial Profit: By purchasing a hacked Bitcoin wallet with a significant balance at a fraction of its value, you can achieve high profits.

Anonymity: Cryptocurrencies offer a level of anonymity. You can use Hacked Bitcoin wallet with balance for illegal activities to avoid having your transactions traced.

Lower Cost: Our Bitcoin wallet with stolen funds are sold at a price much lower than the actual value of the Bitcoin within them, making it an amazing offer for those looking to quickly increase their cryptocurrency assets.

Lack of Funds: If you are desperate or lack capital, by purchasing hacked crypto wallets as a means of quickly accessing Bitcoin without needing to buy it, you can enter the cryptocurrency trading market.

How To Order Hacked Bitcoin Wallet With Balance

Sign Up

Register on the site first and click on the "Buy Now" bottom


select your desired account and fill form correctly with info


Pay for your order and send message to telegram


Within 72 hours, get your account and enjoy!

0.099948 BTC wallet






Only 1.4554% of the wallet’s value

0.099948 BTC wallet






Only 0.1572% of the wallet’s value.

0.00911778 BTC wallet






Only 6.2847% of the wallet’s value.

15.78028498 BTC wallet





$12999 – $9999

Only 0.931% of the wallet’s value

0.708187 BTC wallet





$1099 – $999

Only 2.0726% of the wallet’s value.

0.82268147 BTC wallet





$599 – $499

Only 0.8912% of the wallet’s value.

Looking for a way to instantly boost your Bitcoin holdings?

Our Buy Hacked Bitcoin Wallet With Balance product offers a controversial yet tempting option for those seeking preloaded crypto wallets. These wallets come with a pre-existing balance, giving you immediate access to a significant amount of Bitcoin.

Our Exclusive Buy Bitcoin Wallet With Balance Service Includes:

  • Preloaded Bitcoin Wallets: Instant access to wallets preloaded with a verified Bitcoin balance.
  • Secure Transactions: Guaranteed safe and encrypted transactions for peace of mind.
  • Immediate Delivery: Receive your preloaded wallet instantly upon purchase.
  • Verified Wallets: Each wallet is thoroughly checked and verified for accuracy and balance.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you.
  • Anonymous Purchases: Maintain your privacy with our discreet transaction process.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Multiple payment methods available to suit your preferences.
  • Global Access: Purchase from anywhere in the world with no geographical restrictions.
  • Discover the convenience and security of owning a Bitcoin wallet with a preloaded balance today!

why choose roposh to Buy Bitcoin wallet for sale with funds ?

The Roposh site stands out from its competitors by offering a unique combination of preloaded Bitcoin wallets with verified balances, secure and encrypted transactions, and immediate delivery. Unlike others, Roposh ensures comprehensive verification of wallet balances to guarantee accuracy and security, alongside 24/7 customer support to assist users at any time. Their user-friendly interface, flexible payment options, and commitment to anonymity further enhance the customer experience. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, Roposh provides a reliable and seamless solution for acquiring Bitcoin wallets with balance. Discover the convenience and security of Roposh today and elevate your cryptocurrency experience!


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Why don’t you spend everything yourself?

If we had a couple of dozen wallets, we would not sell them. But we have a small problem. We have a constant supply of Bitcoin wallets and private keys! Imagine you need to quietly withdraw Bitcoins from 50 or 100 wallets. And wallets are constantly added. This cannot be done in secret, because all transactions are, one way or another, visible to everyone on the network!

How can i get Bitcoins?

  1. The safest option to buy Bitcoin is a p2p local swap like LocalMonero or Trocador
  2. To be safe, transfer your Bitcoins to a hardware wallet: Electrum or Exodus or similar.
  3. Choose a product from our store. Click checkout and follow the further instructions on the payment page.

How safe is it?

It’s 100% safe. You pay with Bitcoin. We guarantee anonymity. Our site does not store any of your data.

I have locked wallet, can I hire you to crack it's password?

Yes. We charge 1% of the balance. You pay 0.5% in advance and the rest sum after the job is done. The process may take few hours or few days – it depends on the password strength. Message us for any queries.

Why there is "XxXxXxXxXx" in the wallet addresses?

Because lot of scammers use our listing to scam people on different tor websites, we have hidden the last characters of the wallet address for visitors so nobody can misuse the data, when a customer buy any wallet, all the data will be sent to his/her email address along with full wallet address, seedphrase, wallet.dat file and more.

What is a Bitcoin private key?

A private key in the context of Bitcoin is a secret number that allows Bitcoins to be spent. Every Bitcoin wallet contains one or more private keys, which are saved in the wallet file. The private keys are mathematically related to all Bitcoin addresses generated for the wallet. With a private key you can spent all BTC on Bitcoin address balance.

Buy Bitcoin Wallet With Balance

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