• USA Passport PSD Template | Free Download
  • USA Passport PSD Template | Free Download
  • USA Passport PSD Template | Free Download

USA Passport PSD Template | Free Download

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Enhance your creative projects with our top features:

  • Fully Editable Layers: Gain complete control over every aspect.
  • Three Versions Available: Choose from the 3 different versions.
  • High-Resolution Output: Ensures sharp, clear prints.
  • Realistic Textures and Details: look and feel of genuine passports.
  • Instant Download: Use your template immediately after purchase.

Unlock the full potential of your projects with our professional-grade USA Passport PSD templates—crafted for precision and realism.


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Our customers love us :

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds and every detail counts. Our Editable USA Passport PSD Templates are more than just tools; they are gateways to unleashing your creative potential. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer looking to impress clients with ultra-realistic mockups, a film producer in need of authentic prop documents, or an educator seeking engaging teaching materials, our templates provide the perfect foundation.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and designed for maximum flexibility, these templates serve a broad spectrum of professional and personal projects. From the vintage charm of our old USA PSD Free Version to the cutting-edge features of the 2023 Updated Version, we offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and elevate your work to new heights. Join the community of creatives who have discovered the unmatched quality and versatility of our Printable USA Passport Templates and transform your visionary ideas into impressive realities.

Experience Ultimate Flexibility and Realism with Our Fillable US Passport PSD Templates

Welcome to the definitive resource for graphic designers, creative professionals, and anyone in need of authentic, high-quality passport templates. Whether you’re creating detailed props for film production, designing unique digital art, or seeking educational tools, our High-quality USA passport PSD are designed to meet a diverse array of creative needs. Also, don’t miss our versatile US Passport Card PSD Template for more document options.

Why Choose Our Fake US Passport Templates?

We offer three distinct versions of our USA passport templates to cater to different levels of need and expertise:

  1. Old Free Version: Dive into document design without any upfront costs with our Free Download US Passport PSD Template. This version features:
    • Basic customizable options including text, fonts, and background colors.
    • An easy-to-use format perfect for beginners, educational purposes, or small personal projects.
  1. Classic Version with Scan Effect – $16: Elevate your designs with added realism. This version includes:
    • All the features of the free version plus a realistic scan effect that mimics the texture and feel of a scanned passport.
    • Ideal for more advanced projects that require a finer level of detail and authenticity.
  2. 2023 Updated US Version – $20: Stay current with the latest Us passport design. This version offers:
    • Updated elements reflecting the most recent aesthetic and security features of 2023 USA passports.
    • High-resolution output, suitable for both print and digital use, perfect for professional projects where precision is paramount.

Extended Features Across All Versions:

  • Fully editable layers in Photoshop format allow you to tailor every aspect of the passport to fit your project needs.
  • A realistic appearance that can be adjusted to match various specifications, enhancing the authenticity of your creations.
  • Immediate download options post-purchase, letting you start your project without any delay.

Explore More: Expand Your Creative Possibilities

  • USA ID Card Templates: Dive deeper into document design with our comprehensive USA Green Card Template. Perfect for creating official-looking identification card for a variety of uses, these template are customizable to suit any requirement. Whether you’re designing ID cards for corporate, educational, or entertainment purposes, our templates ensure you have the tools to produce high-quality, authentic-looking IDs with ease.
  • USA Drivers License Templates: Craft authentic drivers licenses with our detailed USA Drivers License samples like fake USA state California driver license template. Each template is meticulously designed to replicate the appearance and texture of real drivers licenses, offering you the chance to create professional-grade replicas for your projects. Ideal for use in training scenarios, film and theatre productions, or any project where a realistic drivers license is required. Our templates are not only realistic but also fully customizable, allowing you to adjust every element from the photo to the font.

By exploring our expanded range of identification templates, you can ensure your projects stand out with their accuracy and professionalism. Visit our dedicated sections for each template type to find the perfect match for your design needs and start creating with confidence.

Why You Should Choose Roposh for Your Editable Files?

  • Customization Service for Non-Photoshop Users: If you’re not proficient in Photoshop or simply prefer to focus on other aspects of your project, our design team at Roposh is here to help. We offer a customization service where our experts tailor the templates according to your specific requirements. Provide us with your desired information and details, and our team will ensure that the template reflects your needs perfectly, saving you time and effort while delivering professional results.
  • Dedicated Support and Resources: At Roposh, your satisfaction and success are our top priorities. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist with any queries or issues, helping you maximize the use of our templates. Additionally, we have a complete collection of all kinds of fake ID documents that can make you unnecessary from any other site.
  • High-Quality, Professional Templates: Our templates are crafted by top designers and meet the highest standards of quality and realism. Whether you need a passport, driver’s license, or any other ID template, each file is meticulously designed to ensure authenticity and precision, making your project look highly professional.
  • Regular Updates and New Releases: The world of design is constantly evolving, and so are our products. We regularly update our existing templates and release new ones to keep up with changes in design trends and regulations. This commitment ensures that you always have access to the most current and effective design templates.
  • Flexible Licensing for Multiple Uses: Roposh offers flexible licensing options that cater to a variety of needs, whether you are an individual designer, a small business, or a large corporation. Our licenses allow you to use our templates repeatedly across different projects, providing significant value and versatility.
  • Affordable Pricing with Excellent Value: We believe that quality should be accessible, which is why our templates are priced to provide excellent value. Invest in Roposh templates to ensure your projects are not only successful but also cost-effective.

Elevate your creative projects with our professional, easy-to-use Editable USA Passport PSD Templates. Choose from our free, scan effect, or updated 2023 version to create compelling, authentic-looking documents that impress and engage. Start crafting with confidence today!


Version 1 (Old), Version 2 (With Scan Effect), Version 3 (New, 2023)


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How long does it take to receive the file after pay immediately after the payment is confirmed, the product file is available for download in the email and user account of the site.

How can I ensure I am not getting scammed?

Carefully review customer reviews and videos provided by producs. Your trust is our big investment.

What software can I use to edit product files?

PSD templates are primarily created using Adobe Photoshop and are most compatible with this software. However, some templates may also work with other graphic design software that supports PSD files.And you can edit Word and Excel format files with Microsoft Word and Excel software.

USA Passport PSD Template | Free Download

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